[Poll] What Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra color are you getting?

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You’ve seen the announcement and read our hands-on reviews of the Galaxy S20/Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy Ultra. Now, you’re ready to put money down and wait for your new flagship to arrive. As always, there are multiple color options to choose from and that can sometimes be the hardest part before spending $1,000+ on a new smartphone.For customers who want the Galaxy S20 Ultra, there are only two options: Cosmic Grey and Cosmic Black. The Galaxy S20+ is being offered in Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue and Cosmic Black. The Galaxy S20 comes in Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink and Cosmic Grey. Samsung hasn’t gone with any flashy gradients or finishes and all of these color options are rather sober, but they do have a look of understated elegance about them.It’s possible that Samsung may offer additional color options down the line. It often does that several months after a new flagship has been launched, but if you want to buy the Galaxy S20 hot off the line, these are your only options. Vote below and let us know in the comments which model you are picking and in what color.What Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra color are you getting?

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