[Poll] So, um, anyone liking the Galaxy S11 as seen in leaked images?

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The Galaxy S11’s official unveiling may be a few months away, but leaked renders over the last few days have given us a fairly good idea of what the three Galaxy S11 models will look like. The source of these leaks has often been correct in the past, having pretty accurately revealed the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10’s design months before either series was announced, so there’s a high chance that the leaked Galaxy S11 renders are based on the real deal as well.And that means that Samsung’s next Galaxy S flagship will have a design element that not everyone will be fond of. Yes, we’re talking about that rear camera setup. The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ were the first Samsung flagships to not have their rear cameras laid out horizontally in the center, and the company seems to be taking that design a step further for the Galaxy S11. Well, at least for the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11+, which have four and five rear cameras respectively.

We have already seen plenty of discussion from our readers and followers on Twitter regarding the Galaxy S11, and now that we have seen renders of all three models, we think it’s time for a poll. Here’s our question: What do you think about the Galaxy S11’s design? Do you think it looks good, especially at the back? Are you scratching your head and wondering what Samsung was thinking, or do you not really as long as the Galaxy S11 is an awesome device?Select the appropriate option in the poll below, then take to the comments section to tell us your thoughts on the matter.What do you think about the Galaxy S11’s design?

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