[Poll] How often do you use Dark/Night mode on your Galaxy device?

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The Android Pie and One UI 1.0 update brought many new features to Galaxy devices, and one of the most anticipated of those was a system-wide Night mode. There has been theme support on Galaxy devices for ages so there was always the option of downloading a dark theme, but nothing beats a built-in option for those of us who don’t feel like dabbling in third-party themes.With One 2.0, Night mode has been renamed Dark mode, in keeping with what the feature is called on stock Android 10, and it has also picked up the ability to darken the home screen wallpaper. According to Samsung, a dark interface makes it easy on the eyes when you use your phone or tablet at night or in the dark. But let’s face it, most of us use it because it just looks cool, especially on Galaxy devices with AMOLED displays.We at SamMobile love it so much that we even have a dark theme for our site and an awesome Dark mode hoodie that you can buy from our online shop. Of course, there are those who prefer a lighter interface, and far be it for us to pass any judgement. What we do want is to know how often you use Night/Dark mode on your Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Do you have it enabled all the time? Do you have it set to turn on at specified times, or do you just keep it off all the time?Vote in the poll below and let us know!How often do you use Dark/Night mode on your Galaxy device?

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