[Poll] 60Hz or 120Hz: Which do you use on your Galaxy S20?

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One of the latest additions to Samsung’s flagship smartphones is the 120Hz display. The Galaxy S20 series is the company’s first to support a 120Hz refresh rate, and this contributes to smoother animations across the board, from One UI to mobile games that support this mode.The implementation is not perfect, as there is no dynamic refresh rate. This means that the Galaxy S20 is not capable of automatically switching between the two modes on the fly, and it’s always up to the user to decide between 60Hz and 120Hz.Third-party tests have also suggested that the 120Hz display mode on the Galaxy S20 is quite taxing on battery life, so although there are benefits to using the 120Hz refresh rate, there are also reasons not to.What display refresh rate are you using on your Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, or Galaxy S20 Ultra? Are you sticking with one mode, in particular, or do you manually switch between them to enjoy smoother animations and/or better battery life on a case-by-case basis? Vote below and share your thoughts in the comments.[Poll] 60Hz or 120Hz: Which do you use on your Galaxy S20?

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