Pokemon Rumble Rush may be ending soon, paid item sales included

Pokemon Rumble Rush Ending

It hasn’t been a full year since the Pokemon Rumble Rush was released by The Pokemon Company. The action game that has you exploring uncharted islands to catch wild Pokemon will be ending soon. A notification was sent out to some players of the game and was shared over on Reddit. The post has since been deleted from the thread but we’ve seen the cached copy. The message is posted below for your reference. The end of service is July 22, 2020 (01:59 UTC).

The service is ending which means we may not find the app on the Google Play Store after the said date. Versions previously installed will no longer be available for play. Paid item sales will also end.

The devs behind Pokemon Rumble Rush have decided to also stop selling paid items. You won’t be able to buy Poke Diamonds because it ended last April 15. Previously purchased Poke Diamonds can still be used until the end of service availability.

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