Pokémon GO brings AR Mapping tasks to some PokéStops

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Niantic has just announced a new Augmented Reality feature to shoot up the Pokémon GO experience in an all-new way. The game now receives AR Mapping tasks. Certain PokéStops and Gyms, Niantic says, will feature a special design, which will provide you an AR Mapping task when you spin them. To complete the task, you will be required to open AR scanning screen – really the camera of your phone – and then scan the PokéStop. Completing the AR Mapping task will count as your daily Field Research task.

The AR Mapping tasks are going to be available to level 20 Trainers and up. Trainers will Child account and devices with not enough requirements to complete PokéStop scans will not be receiving the AR Mapping tasks at launch.

By spinning PokéStops you’ll receive AR Mapping action which you are either required to complete at the PokéStop where the task is received or at another PokéStops within a defined radius. Complete the task by hitting the arrow on the task and then exploring the area around using the AR scanning screen. The scanned footage then needs to be uploaded, which can again be done right away or at a later time.

When scanning the PokéStops, prompts may appear on the screen if there’s some issue with the recording, lighting, or movement. To carry out a perfect AR mapping task – walk 360 degrees around the PokéStop, or at least 180 degrees if a full 360 is not possible. Okay then, go out and give the cool new feature a try and have fun.

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