Podcast Addict app suspended by Google over Covid 19 info

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Podcast Addict Suspended 1

Google has been trying to keep things safe, private, and secure when it comes to maintaining the Android platform, mobile apps, products, and services. The company works with developers to ensure their applications or programs are safe. But when it comes to content, Google only wants age-appropriateness to be considered. You may come up with stuff of the “sensitive” kind. Google won’t stop you as long as you use filters and offer them to adults. When it comes to podcasts, we’re not sure how the tech giant sensors information because the Podcast Addict mobile app was suspended recently.

Developer Xavier Guillemane shared that “Google has just suspended Podcast Addict again”. So it’s not the first time. He claims his app was suspended because his podcasts included Covid 19. It’s confusing and frustrating because certainly, there are plenty of other podcasts on YouTube, Google Podcast, and Search that contain Covid 19.

suspended. The Google Play Store team wrote:

“Pursuant to Section 8.3 of the Developer Distribution Agreement and the Enforcement policy, apps referencing COVID-19, or related terms, in any form will only be approved for distribution on Google Play if they are published, commissioned, or authorized by official government entities or public health organizations.”

The dev made an appeal and a good thing Google accepted. A minor issue has been fixed and it’s now back up on the Play Store. It seems like a “mistake”, especially after Hiroshi Lockheimer himself (@lockheimer), tweeted an honest apology: Apologies to Podcast Addict fans today. We are still sorting out kinks in our process as we combat Covid misinformation, but this app should not have been removed. Carry on with your podcasts, folks!

Google only wants to fight misinformation. It may have wrongly flagged the app but other developers are not happy with what happened, saying this could also be happening to other devs that may have been prevented by app suspensions.

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