POCO X2 ready for more custom ROM, kernel developers

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Poco X2

Xiaomi has finally officially made POCO a separate and stand-alone brand only after one device. It’s only a smart move if the product has been successful. We can’t say if the POCO F1 was a success in terms of sales and numbers but it did receive a number of positive reviews. It was unveiled with premium specs and a pocket-friendly price and so we wondered how it was made affordable. It was too good to be true but Xiaomi did it.

We once heard Xiaomi would be putting an end to the Pocophone line. It did happen last month when the POCO brand was introduced as independent of Xiaomi. It was made ready for the next chapter. A new phone was rumored to launch with 120Hz screen and a 64MP primary camera.

The POCO X2 is actually a Redmi phone look-a-like, specifically, the Redmi 30. It was officially announced earlier this month. Now we’re learning the company is sending Poco X2 phones to custom ROM and kernel devs.

POCO isn’t just showing generosity. The brand wants more developers to help them in improving the system. The POCO F1 is known to be developer-friendly. The POCO X2 is no different. It was designed to be still dev-friendly by releasing Day 1 kernel source release.

By sending out POCO X2 phones, more custom ROM and kernel developers will be able to help the company by working on their own. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G-powered smartphone is easier to access, thanks to the Qualcomm CodeAurora forums where developers can collaborate. Several XDA developers have been chosen to participate in the program.

Here is a list of the XDA developers getting the POCO X2:

• akhilnarang
• AmulyaX
• arter97
• blacksuan19
• bgcngm
• darshan1205
• franciscofranco
• GtrCraft
• Jackeagle
• jhenrique09
• neobuddy89
• osm0sis
• RevanthTolety
• sannn111ty
• _Mrinal_

As before, there is a 3-day waiting period for the bootloader unlock to work. This is simply to safeguard the consumers and allow devs to modify the phones. The POCO X2 will still allow these devs to work as 3rd-party community support.


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