Plex updates Plexamp for mobile, releases Plex Dash for servers

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Plex Labs develops experimental apps for the Plex community and now they have released two new (or new-is in the case of one) products for those who are Plex Pass subscribers. After years of being a bit stagnant, the Plexamp music software has now been updated and now also has a mobile app created rom the ground-up. There’s also now a new thing called Plex Dash for users who run their own Plex server. These two new things are only available for subscribers so you will have to pay at least $4.99/month.

Plexamp is a desktop music player where you can put all the physical music that you own and listen to “radio stations” that they curated. It’s been a while since we got an update on this software but now version 3.0 is being rolled out. It has been rewritten from scratch and comes with a new look and new features. You now get a chart to show you which albums and artists you play a lot and blurred backgrounds to match your album art. You can now also build your own radio station and more stations have been added to the library as well.

Meanwhile, they’re introducing something new called Plex Dash which will be useful for those who are running their own Plex servers. It gives administrators a more visual way of looking at and managing their servers. They can edit artwork, adjust library settings, view server resources, etc. They can also see what videos have been played, scan the servers for media that have been recently added, fix media match issues, etc.

Plex Dash will basically act as your command center for your server which you can download to your Android smartphone and tablet (and iOS too). It has a lot of admin features that are presented in charts and tables like media playback stats, server playback history with filters, etc. Design-wise, it also has a similar aesthetic to the new look of the Plexamp music player.

Both Plexamp 3.0 and the new Plex Dash app are available only for Plex Pass subscribers. The latter is pretty understandable as you would need to be a subscriber to manage your server and all that while the former is a bonus for those who have upgraded their music player to paying $4.99 a month.

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