Pixel Pass by Google will be a new monthly subscription service

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Google Pixel Pass

Google will be introducing new products and services at the Pixel Fall Launch. Part of the lineup is the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The smartphones may also be joined by the Pixel Pass. There is no official announcement yet but an important leak was shared by a source–the same guy who shared the Google Pixel 6 Pro photo and video samples. The Pixel Pass is believed to be a a special subscription similar to what Apple is currently offering.

Pixel Pass is said to include Google One, YouTube Premium, Play Pass, and extended warranty. It may also be associated with Google Fi.

As described, it is a monthly subscription that can address the mobile needs of the users and consumers end-to-end. It is Google’s very own mobile-focused subscription bundle that includes a Pixel phone, key first-party services by Google, plus an extended device warranty via Device Protection and Preferred Care.

If you get the Pixel Pass, you need to follow some steps in the purchase flow. Confirm if you have Google Fi, Play Pass, Google One, or YouTube Premium or YT Music. You can also directly purchase the Pixel Pass through Google Fi or Google Store.

Note that a Pixel device is needed to enjoy the Pixel Pass. We can assumed the Pixel 6 series is the most ideal smartphone for this offering. Let’s wait and see.

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