Pixel Launcher missing some app icons after last security update

Pixel Launcher missing app icons

The Pixel Launcher has received the December security patch already. The new software version includes a number of new features for the Pixel phones. Unfortunately, there is some annoying issue that can’t be missed. You see, there are some app icons that seem to disappear from a mobile device’s home screen. There are no missing apps. The app names are still there but sans the mobile app icons. We’re assuming this is only a bug that can be easily fixed.

Something must be done immediately because it disrupts the whole Pixel Launcher experience. With the missing app icons, the background wallpaper shines through as described but you can still see the name. It’s actually worse in the Favorites tray because you can’t see the app at all. If you experience this, don’t worry, the app is still there which means your data or profiles are intact.

The ‘missing app icons’ usually happen to recently used apps. It can happen to two apps at the same time not only on the Pixel 4 but also on the Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3a as reported by some Pixel phone owners. They also noted their devices run on Android 10 with the security patch from December.

The problem seems to be isolated for some Pixel Launcher users. It’s not as widespread but we believe Google needs to release a fix for this problem. We know the Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 phone launcher can be customized with a root mod but we’re hoping it’s not the reason for the disappearing app icons.

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