Pixel 6 Pro may receive Face Unlock feature soon

Pixel 6 Pro Face Unlock

Google has released its latest Pixel flagship duo. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are ready in the market. The pair comes with a new camera design and upgraded features but the two phones present some issues. They’re only minor but we’re hoping they will be fixed really soon. Google rolled out the December update for Pixel 6 and 6 Pro with improvements so we’ll see what changes have been made. Reportedly, some Pixel 6 series phones are experiencing random signal loss and not charging with low-quality USB-C cables and chargers.

Apparently, the Pixel 6 line up is not incompatible with DJI Fly app, leaving the users furious. Charging is said to be capped at lower speeds too. There is also the fingerprint reader issue and the absence of Face Unlock.

On the issue of the Pixel 6 Pro Face Unlock, it is said to arrive soon. It may happen for the Pixel 6 Pro but not for the Pixel 6, at least, not yet. This is according to a source.

The Pixel 6 series didn’t launch with Face Unlock. The face authentication feature may be ready with an update although there is no specific date yet. Some information about the Android 12L Beta has included the possibility.

The Pixel 6 has been mentioned to come with the Face Unlock. It didn’t but we believe it will arrive soon via an update. Looking at the Android 12L Beta code for Pixel devices, there is some evidence to the coming of Face Unlock.

Face authentication can be switched with face, fingerprint, or both as per our source. The choice to use “Face” or “fingerprint” is important. It tells us the possibility of Face Unlock in the future. There is also some evidence the face authentication is an “experimental” feature of the Pixel 6 series. It could be being tested which means it may or may not be available.

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