Pixel 5 teardown reveals interesting details about its aluminum body

Pixel 5 is made from aluminum with a bio-resin coating, and it does feel a bit plasticky while holding. Like every other smartphone on the radar of keen tech reviewers, Pixel 5 finally got its turn for an endurance hardware durability test. After some reports of the screen peeling off from the frame, it was time to check the structural integrity of the Google phone. Well, pro tester JerryRigEverything (YouTube profile) took the Pixel 5 under the scalpel for an autopsy, and the results will surprise you.

To begin with, Zack Nelson demonstrates the toughness of Gorilla Glass 6 which gives way slightly at level 6 and develops further damage at level 7. The real deal is to test the plastic coating (product packing says 100 percent recycled aluminum enclosure) of the Pixel 5 and that is where Zack heads without any delay.

As he starts to scratch the back with a sharp blade the thick bio-resin coated plastic material starts to peel off in layers. Although it takes a lot of effort on Zack’s part to do that. The material for sure isn’t aluminum so far and after reaching the deep depths of the plastic coating he finally gets to the 100 percent aluminum layer.

The plant-based polymer layer makes up the thick skin of the Pixel 5, and it is indeed tough. Later Zack puts the phone for an hour in acetone to see if the plastic wears off, but it is a bio-resin so no luck there. Then he applies extreme heat to notice a bit of softening of the material.

So basically, Pixel 5 has a thin layer of aluminum between the components for protection. But calling it completely made from aluminum is not fair as there is an apparent layer of bio-resin plastic. Google should not be hiding that fact, as the material is absolutely novel and durable.

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