Pixel 5 has the easiest screen replacement aesthetics by far

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Pixel 5 went under the brutal post mortem of sorts by Zach Nelson who was inquisitive about the bio-resin coating on the aluminum body of the phone. The video transcript ended with the phone almost left for dead with brutal piercing to the battery that even sparked a small fire. That said, against all odds the Pixel 5 phone which even underwent the acetone solution test for assessing the strength of the plastic material, managed to turn on minutes later with the screen working, although not in desirable condition!

Yes, the Pixel 5 turned out to be quite a resilient phone as far as harsh teardowns are concerned, and Nelson doesn’t treat them softly by no means. The sequel video to the initial one proceeds further with the removal of the display which by-the-way is one of the easiest to replace considering the complexity of current-gen phones.

All you need is an expert hand, heat gun, and prying tool to separate it from the body in case the screen breaks accidentally. Then it can be removed from the Lego-like connector to fit the new screen. Now, that has to be the quickest and most convenient screen replacement that presumably shouldn’t cost you a fortune for a replacement like other devices.

By no means should it be assumed that the screen will come off easily in daily usage – only that it is less complicated to remove from the other body parts. The teardown also revealed the stellar water-resistant capability of the phone as the water ingress indicator was not triggered even though the Pixel 5 spent quite some time in the harsh solution.

It should be kept in mind that the bio-resin plastic also provides an impregnable layer of protection to the Pixel 5 apart from being environmentally-friendly. The only predicament – Google should have advertised it transparently to give it an edge over the competition.

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