Pixel 4a case is made with over 70% recycled materials

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Now that we’ve finally officially met Google’s newest smartphone, the Pixel 4a, it’s time to get to know some of the accessories that you can buy with it. First and foremost that users look for is a case and Google is immediately bringing to our attention their official case for their new device. It might look like any other fabric case in the market but this one is actually made out of recycled materials, or at least 70% of it is.

The Pixel 4a case is part of Google’s sustainability commitments across its manufacturing, supply chain, and product design. If you remember their Google Nest Mini speaker was made with recycled water bottles. Now they’re also using these plastic bottles to make up most of the case’s material. In fact, they say that two recycled plastic bottles can provide knitted outer fabric for four of these cases.

The cases themselves are not just made out of those bottles but is made from over 70 percent recycled material. They didn’t go into detail of what those materials are but suffice to say, they are marketing this as a sustainable kind of accessory for their newest smartphone. It has a jacquard pattern that may make it easier to hide the eventual wear and tear. You can also hand wash it or even throw it in with your laundry if they become too dirty for comfort.

Just because it’s made with recycled materials it doesn’t mean it can’t protect your Pixel 4a, since that’s the main purpose of a case right? It has edge-to-edge inner microfiber so it should be able to protect it from your casual and usual drops. It also has a raised edge so even if you place your phone on a surface face down, it should be able to sort of protect the display. These are pretty standard case protection features so don’t expect too much.

You can already pre-order the Pixel 4a case just like you can pre-order the actual smartphone. There are three available colors: Basically Black, Static Gray, and Blue. Each case will cost you $40 so not bad for a basic but environmentally friendly smartphone case.

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