Pinning PWA prompt pushes Progressive Web Apps on Microsoft Edge Dev

Edge Dev Hero 2020 NewfeatureSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft continues its efforts to make Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) feel more native on Windows 11. Earlier this week, it was discovered that Microsoft is working on the ability to open links in installed web apps. Now, a new build of Edge Dev adds a prompt to pin PWAs after you install them through the Microsoft Store.

The most recent update to Edge Dev brings the browser to version 102.0.1220.1. In addition to the PWA prompt, the latest build has a redesigned Apps management page and a few other new features.

Here’s everything that’s new in the update:

  • Added a prompt to pin PWAs after they’ve been installed from the Microsoft Store.
  • Redesigned the Apps management page.
  • Added the ability to import passwords on mobile.
  • Added a management policy to control if the Outlook Hub Menu is Enabled. Note that updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet.

The ability to import passwords on mobile should make Edge a more attractive option for users. While Microsoft Edge has climbed to second place among desktop browsers, it isn’t in the top five for mobile browsers.

Edge’s latest build also includes a list of fixes and changed behaviors that are detailed in the update’s changelog.

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has several versions of its Edge browser for testing new and experimental features. The latest version of Edge Dev will prompt you to pin Progressive Web Apps after installing them.

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