Photo of OnePlus 7T retail box shared by the company’s CEO

CEO Pete Lau keeps tweeting details about the OnePlus 7T and the company’s first TV set. The latest post shows the box of the phone, which switches to a much bolder design compared to cases from recent years.

It’s painted in the company’s signature red, a callback to the boxes of its first phones. Also, instead of bearing a large digit for the model number, it’s a paragraph proclaiming that the 7T is the “culmination of all our design and engineering efforts”.

Photo of OnePlus 7T retail box shared by the company's CEO

Here’s the box of the OnePlus 2 for comparison:

OnePlus 2 OnePlus 2 OnePlus 2
The OnePlus 2 retail box

Meanwhile, @evleaks posted this image of the OnePlus 7T, showing a slightly different perspective than the official images shared by OnePlus. This is the same blue gradient color we’ve seen before, the other launch colors are still under wraps.

OnePlus 7T: image by @evleaks OnePlus 7T: official images OnePlus 7T: official images
OnePlus 7T: image by @evleaks • official images

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