Philips Android TV wants to be the star of your kitchen

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Philips Android TV

Philips has ventured into many businesses but one thing we’re grateful for is the fact that it now caters to the Android TV market. It’s easy for the company to do that because it’s been releasing smart TVs for years. It only needed to change that platform or system to Android TV. The latest from Philips is what it calls a kitchen-exclusive TV. We’re not sure how and why it’s only for the kitchen but think it’s all about marketing.

The new Philips Android TV comes with Android TV and Google Assistant. This means you can “talk” to the TV and share commands or queries as any normal device with Google Assistant. The TV with an AI helper can “hear” you with its integrated dual far-field microphone.

The smart TV comes with a large speaker located at its base. There are built-in microphones within the speaker. Not much specs and details were provided but Philips said the TV uses an LCD panel with an HD display technology.

Well, that is not exactly advanced but good enough if you’re just going to use the smart TV to watch cooking shows or videos since it’s for the kitchen. There are two HDMI ports to connect other devices.

This Philips TV may be more of a smart display. Instead of a tablet, phone, or a specific smart display or smart speaker, you can have a 24-inch screen model in front of you. The goal is a hands-free experience so you won’t be bothered with all the peeling, cooking, baking, or cleaning. The Philips Android TV is now be available in Canada and the US for only $299.99.

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