Phil Spencer is a fan of the Craig the Brute meme

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has commented that he enjoys the Craig the Brute meme that has circulated throughout the internet following Halo Infinite’s official gameplay reveal, even going so far as to jokingly say that Craig is the “new official Xbox mascot.” Or maybe he isn’t joking? You decide…

Overall, we at Windows Central enjoy the Craig memes very much, and we’re happy to see that Phil Spencer does too. And we’d be lying if we said that we wouldn’t pick up some official Craig merchandise if it was made. Hint hint, 343 Industries!

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Halo Infinite is expected to launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs during the Holiday 2020 season. For more on Halo Infinite, don’t miss out on our thoughts on the official gameplay reveal. Also, make sure you catch our coverage on everything Halo!

The next adventure in the saga

Halo Infinite

A new Great Journey awaits

Halo Infinite is nearly upon us, and it’s sure to be an incredible game filled with wonder, adventure, and more.

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