Phil Spencer discusses Xbox’s prospects in Japan, more with Gamertag Radio

The 1000th episode of Gamertag Radio recently dropped and it featured Xbox head Phil Spencer as the guest. Spencer and the interviewers discussed many different aspects about the future of Xbox, but for key topics stood out the most. You can read about them below.

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  1. Xbox wants to be different going into the next-generation of devices and their strategies will be different. The Xbox Series X reveal at The Game Awards 2019 was just the first step. No one expected it and Microsoft wants to continue this into the future.
  2. Gamers are playing games on a number of devices nowadays and that’s why it’s important for Microsoft to support as many as they can. This is why first-party Xbox Series X games won’t be limited to just that console during the first year or two of the device.
  3. Spencer knows that Microsoft isn’t doing well in Japan and wants to change that by bringing the Xbox Series X and other services to Japan when they launch worldwide. When asking if we’ll ever see first-party Japanese games from Microsoft, Spencer said that he had nothing to announce at the moment, but he knows that that is important. Could this mean Microsoft is looking into buying a Japanese studio like FromSoftware or another one that’s independent? Only time will tell. Maybe Microsoft will set up its own team there that makes games.
  4. Xbox will support virtual reality (VR) when it becomes a “no-brainer” to support it. Even now, the experiences feel like small demos and are plagued with performance issues and other problems like motion sickness.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

The interview was quite informative and we hope Spencer gives more soon. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Xbox in Japan. However, it seems like we’ll probably have to wait a while for more information on that.

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