Pentastic Good Lock module redesigns the S Pen Air Command menu

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Samsung has released a new Good Lock module that was created specifically for S Pen devices running One UI 2.5, so that includes the Galaxy Note 20 series. It’s called Pentastic and it doesn’t necessarily bring many new features as much as it brings fresh customization options.

To begin with, Pentastic adds a new option to change the way the Air Command menu is displayed. As any S Pen user can let you know, Air Command pops up by default in fullscreen when you eject the S Pen from its holster, giving you a list of apps that work best with the stylus. Pentastic doesn’t change this functionality but it lets you change the Air Command menu from fullscreen to a floating vertical strip containing the apps.

Furthermore, Pentastic comes with an additional S Pen shortcut in case the ‘hold down Pen button’ shortcut in Air Actions isn’t enough. The module introduces a double tap shortcut that can be activated when holding the S Pen button pressed and double tapping the S Pen tip to the screen. You can, for example, assign an S Pen app to launch when this gesture is performed, or you can choose one of the standard non S Pen apps instead.

This new Good Lock module also adds the option to change the shape of your S Pen pointer. You can keep the default option or you can change the pointer into a mouse cursor, a heart, and more. Furthermore, the Good Lock module allows you to pick the sound your phone makes when the S Pen is ejected from its holster.

All in all, Pentastic adds quite a few interesting customization options as well as one practical shortcut, so you might want to give it a try if you’re an S Pen user. You can download Pentastic from the Galaxy Store or our APK archive but keep in mind that you will need Good Lock and One UI 2.5 in order to make it work.

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