Peacock streaming service to arrive on Android devices by July 15

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“Thank goodness we have more new video streaming services to choose from,” said no one ever. But entertainment giants seem determined to bring us all these different streaming services and NBCUniversal will be unveiling their own soon. Peacock, named after their famous logo, will be coming to the Android, Apple, and Xbox platforms by July 15, bringing thousands of hours of content (as if we don’t have too much content right now). This includes the first batch of Peacock originals that have been recently announced.

The Peacock streaming service will have two tiers. The free one will bring 7,500 hours of content and will be ad-supported. Meanwhile, if you feel like that’s not enough videos for you to watch, you can subscribe to the Peacock Premium service and pay $4.99 per month. This is where the entire first season of their original programs can be accessed. However, it is also ad-supported. If you want to get rid of all those ads, you’ll have to add an additional $5 per month.

So basically, if you don’t want the stress of seeing all those ads, you’ll be paying almost $10 per month, which is the average price of some of the streaming services out there. The app/service will be available for Android smartphones and tablets, Android TV, and Chromecast. Devices with Chromecast built-in will also be able to access the Peacock streaming service. The free tier should be an enticement for people to try it out.

As for their original programs, there is a bit of excitement but probably not enough for Netflix or Disney+ to be seriously threatened. There is a new show based on Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, a UK workplace comedy called Intelligence, the Psych 2 movie, a documentary featuring former Olympian Ryan Lochte, and a Curious George series. Hopefully, NBCUniversal has more original content up their sleeves to truly compete with the giants.

As a way to get new users, Peacock Premium will be available for free for Android and Android TV users. Everything is set to launch in a couple of weeks by July 15 so we’ll see in a few months if this streaming gamble will pay off.

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