Patent for Vivo smartphone with flying, drone-like camera sighted

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Vivo Smartphone Flying Camera Drone

VIVO is known to be working on a number of smartphones. It usually introduces concepts, some of which we know will never become a reality. The latest has something to do with a flying camera. We’re assuming it’s something like a drone. It’s not final yet but the company has filed for a patent for a detachable camera device. The smartphone with a flying camera is unique. The images that surfaced tell us the drone part can be hidden and pulled out from a smartphone.

We are assuming the tiny drone can fly into the air like any normal-sized drone camera. It’s something that never came to mind but with Vivo’s creativity, we can see the possibility in the future.

Vivo has always been committed to delivering innovative solutions. Last week, we mentioned the Vivo NEX series may bring foldable and rollable phones. A Vivo foldable phone was also spotted with a small flexible display.

The patent images show the drone part has four propellers. We’re now imagining the possibilities of this tiny drone but we’re certain questions about privacy will arise in different countries. We don’t think the whole smartphone will fly–just the detachable camera.

The Vivo smartphone with flying camera’s patent is officially called “Electronic device”. The patent was filed in December 2020 but the document was released only yesterday, July 1, 2021. The images shared by our source provide us a picture of what could be.

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