Patent for OPPO phone with detachable camera module sighted

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OPPO patent detachable camera

OPPO is one of those few innovative OEMs we know that’s been coming up with really interesting designs and technologies. Just recently, it introduced the rollable concept phone. It’s only a concept and it may not be commercialized yet but the prototype shows the industry the many possibilities. The OPPO X 2021 is one innovative rollable smartphone but we won’t be able to get our hands on one. The next design from OPPO is this phone with a detachable camera module.

The idea of a detachable feature or system is nothing new, actually. Last month, there was that Vivo IFEA. We said it was one desirable concept phone with a detachable pop-up camera.

Xiaomi has earlier patented a phone with detachable screen usable independently. A few years ago, DxO had a project that featured a detachable smartphone camera with USB-C. We also remember that OPPO “Smart Lens” camera attachment being leaked from 2014. It only means OPPO never stops when it comes to innovations.

The new patent design presents a new device with a rear camera module. The same module can be used for video calls and selfies. It may connect via WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, NFC, or USB Type-C.

The document tells us the camera module may also include a built-in lithium battery that draws power. We’re thinking something like wireless charging.

The patent shows a device with a removable camera module. The file was sighted on the World Intellectual Property Office’s website (WIPO). It’s not clear if OPPO has a related product under development but we can probably look forward to a prototype just like the rollable phone. It may not be commercialized yet but at least we know the possibilities are really endless with OPPO.

OPPO comes up with ideas that can be easily picked up by other companies. We just hope the company finally comes up with something that is working and ready to take on the market of unconventional phones.

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