Patent for an LG phone case with flexible display sighted online

LG is working on a foldable phone. We’re not sure if it is in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, or the Motorola RAZR but some images have surfaced. There is an LG smartphone case rendered as a case for a device with a large flexible display. The phone appears to be larger as a tablet but with a squarish shape. There seems to be a fold in the middle similar to the Galaxy Fold.

A patent of a case for a device was recently shown off. It is said to be announced at the upcoming CES 2020 which is happening next week. Note that we’re talking about the case here with a flexible display. This may also mean a foldable phone is coming soon.

OEMs are expected to reveal new foldable phones this year but we’re curious as to what will win. The year 2019 wasn’t exactly good for fordable phones especially Samsung which had to reschedule launch due to some display issues.

The patent was filed on The Hague International Design System and WIPO last June 26 only to be published on December 27. We find the flap on the side interested. It could be an extra display but then again the phone is already foldable.

We don’t doubt LG can make something foldable because it has a display business. Perhaps the LG Dual Screen served as an inspiration for this flexible phone.

Aside from this flexible/foldable phone, LG is also believed to be working on another device with a punch-hole camera. If true, it will be the first from the brand with a camera hole. Could it be the LG G9? That is a possibility so cross your fingers.

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