Panasonic TOUGHBOOK A3 Tablet with Android Productivity+ debuts

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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK A3

Panasonic may not be a name popular for its smartphones but the brand has been known for its tough tablets. Panasonic has a line called Toughbook that includes rugged tablets for the workforce. From Toughpad to Toughbook, Panasonic has continued to deliver its promise of highly-durable Android tablets for productivity. The devices are not mainly for entertainment as it’s been designed for tough jobs for specific professionals and environments. Panasonic even offers support for hardware, software, and other professional services.

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK A3 Tablet is the latest from the brand. The last model we featured was two years ago in the form of the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK FZ-L1 tablet. There was also the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A2 rugged tablet.

Panasonic has introduced the TOUGHBOOK A3 rugged tablet with pre-installed Productivity+. The latter is a special suite of Android support solutions that may be used by old and new customers who want to move to Android. It’s a system that modernizes and digitizes rugged mobile devices for more efficiency and productivity.

Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK product family has been tried and tested throughout the years so this year’s flagship model is no different but it’s even better with modern features. Windows CE is already obsolete and so companies are looking for a new system.

Android Productivity+ enters the game. Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America’s Senior Vice President for Mobility Solutions Magnus McDermid shared: “Panasonic is fully committed to customers transitioning from Windows CE to Android. Whether enterprise, the federal government, public sector, utilities, or manufacturing, industries built upon the support of the mobile workforce likewise need support to modernize mobile devices.”

He added: “The technology ecosystem that powers these industries is complex, but Panasonic provides comprehensive support tailored to the needs of our customers and current market demands, which allows them to seamlessly transition to Android and update their rugged mobile device deployments.”

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK A3 comes with a 10.1-inch screen that can be viewed outdoors without any issue. It can survive a 6-foot drop. Other variants are also available: TOUGHBOOK L1 – 7” Tablet, TOUGHBOOK T1 – 5” Handheld, and TOUGHBOOK N1 – 4.7” Handheld.

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