Oxenfree sells over 1 million copies, 3 million installs on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s gaming subscription service that gives you access to over 200 games for $10 a month. There are a number of stellar titles in there like Just Cause 4 and Monster Hunter: World. However, smaller experiences like Oxenfree are part of the package as well. We’re always curious to see how these titles perform on the service, and if they’re getting the attention they deserve.

Recently, Oxenfree developer Sean Krankel shared some statistics on Twitter about the game. While it’s sold over 1 million copies, it’s been installed over 3 million times through Xbox Game Pass. This goes to show you that the subscription service is perfect for these smaller experiences that gamers may be reluctant to purchase.

A few months ago, Xbox’s Phil Spencer also confirmed that Xbox Game Pass had millions of subscribers. It’s great to receive confirmation from a third-party developer of the same. Hopefully, this success will continue because it makes gaming affordable for people like me. I have 55 games installed on my Xbox One X, and 30 of them are through Xbox Game Pass.

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift. You play as Alex, a bright, rebellious teenager who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party on an old military island. The night takes a terrifying turn when you unwittingly open a ghostly gate spawned from the island’s cryptic past.

If you haven’t checked out the game, you should do so through Xbox Game Pass. It’s a lot of fun and surprisingly deep. Additionally, if you like playing multiplayer games, consider buying Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which bundles Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One and PC with Xbox Live Gold for $15 a month.

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Xbox Game Pass gives you access to over 200 games for one monthly fee. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also adds Xbox Live Gold to the package so you can play online with your friends.

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