Overwatch launches Sigma’s Maestro Challenge, includes special rewards

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Blizzard Entertainment has launched the Sigma’s Maestro Challenge event for Overwatch. This challenge encourages players to play and win Overwatch matches as well as watch Overwatch streamers on Twitch; doing so will unlock the new cosmetics that are available for a limited time during the event. The event runs from July 14 to July 27.

To get the new player icon, Sigma emote, and the Legendary Sigma Maestro skin, players will need to win three, six, and nine games of Overwatch, respectively. Wins in Quick Play, Competitive, and the Arcade all count towards the event’s progress. To earn the event’s new sprays, players will need to watch two hours of participating Overwatch streams for Sigma’s, four hours for Moira and Symmetra’s, and six hours for Lucio, Mei, and Orisa’s. You can find the full streaming schedule for the event here. You’ll also need to connect your Overwatch account to Twitch in order to get the sprays, which is a process explained on the event’s homepage.

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Overall, this event is pretty cool, and I’m a huge fan of Sigma’s new skin. Let us know what you think down below.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One for $50, or for $38 on PC through Blizzard’s Battle.net launcher.

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