Outlook for Android now supports Actionable Messages

Microsoft Outlook users on Android can now reply to emails with Actionable Messages. A new update to Outlook brought support for the new feature, making it possible to perform quick actions within emails without leaving the Outlook app.

Actionable Messages are available for Office 365 and Outlook.com accounts. They allow you to perform quick actions such as approving someone’s request to join a group. A Microsoft document fully explains the feature, how to use it, and how it connects to other aspects of Office 365.

Outlook for Android supports Actionable Messages for emails from Microsoft Flow, SharePoint, MyAnalytics, and more.

Actionable Messages are different than actionable notifications. Actionable notifications allow you to reply to notifications quickly without opening an app.

Actionable Messages can be used to fill out surveys, approve reports, or update details. Different actions can be embedded within emails for users to interact with. Now, Outlook users on Android can respond to Actionable Messages within the app.

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