Outlook for Android now has support for Galaxy Watch

Not all the notifications that you receive on your smartwatch are worth getting your phone out for. That is why it’s pretty helpful for apps to have support for wearable devices to determine if it’s important or it can be put off later. If you’ve been using Outlook for your email needs, the good news is that the latest version of its Android app now has support for the Galaxy Watch, including the Watch Active series, so you can receive notifications for the emails you receive on the app.

According to SAM Mobile, the official changeling for the Outlook for Android mentions that you will now have support for the Galaxy Watch. How it works is pretty similar to the native email app on Samsung smartwatches. This means you’ll be able to not just receive push notifications but also be able to use quick replies during those moments when you don’t want to get your phone out but you need to send something in response to the email.

There are several canned messages that you can choose from to reply quickly but you can also type out your response using the on-screen keyboard in case none of the templates are applicable. But of course, if it warrants a longer reply, it would be best to whip out your smartphone and just reply from there. But at least you now have the option to decide whether or not to reply at that moment.

Aside from support for the Galaxy Watch, there doesn’t seem to be any major change to the Outlook for Android app. So if you don’t have a Galaxy Watch anyway, you can just go on as you were, but it would still be better if you update to the latest version.

The Outlook for Android update has now rolled out to users. Hopefully, the next update will bring more relevant goodies for the non-smartwatch wearing users.

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