Oura desperately trying to sell more rings before Galaxy Ring crushes it

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Ring later this year and the prospect of its immediate success has got existing smart ring makers scared. Oura is perhaps the most well known of the bunch as it has been selling various smart rings for a few years now.

Oura realizes that the Galaxy Ring is a major threat to its business. As Samsung has continued to reveal more information about its smart ring, Oura has ramped up its efforts to sell as many rings as possible, with the latest being through a partnership with major US retailer Target.

Oura inks major retail partnership for its smart ring

Oura has now announced that its smart rings will be available at select Target stores and at Target.com. This is a significant retail expansion for the company, and a step up from its expansion in Best Buy last year.

The company has created a new in-store sizing experience to enable customers who shop in the store to find their perfect size. Sizing kits are also being made available through Target’s website.

Oura has primarily sold the smart rings through its online channels. The company wasn’t even selling them on Amazon, likely to avoid paying the cut that Amazon charges from sellers on its platform. However, the Galaxy Ring has already scared Oura into selling its rings on Amazon. The company started doing that last month.

Since Samsung would most likely sell its Galaxy Ring through Amazon as well, it was important for Oura to establish a presence there, otherwise it would be leaving the playing field wide open for Samsung to cater to every query about a smart ring on the world’s largest online marketplace.

Samsung expects to sell half a million Galaxy Ring units in its first year. Whether this desperation to sell as many rings as possible ahead of the Galaxy Ring’s launch ends up delaying the inevitable for Oura remains to be seen. Oura will certainly be hoping that it does.

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