Our video review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 camera is up

The Samsung Galaxy S20 shares a lot with its more expensive siblings while coming with a substantially lower price tag. One thing that sets it apart from the almost $500 more expensive S20 Ultra is camera setup so it’s normal that the performance of its snappers is one of the most interesting parts.

And seeing how cameras play such a huge role in a modern smartphone, there is plenty of analysis and comparisons between the pair to benefit from. Of course, we’ve already gone through most of these points in our in-depth written review of the S20. Still, if you’d prefer to see it all in video form Will has you covered.

As for any further observations on other aspects of the Galaxy S20 and details on the frankly impressive level of feature-parity achieved by this generation of Samsung flagships, you can definitely head on over to the review. There is plenty to consider and a lot to go through, before you can make a truly educated purchase decision.

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