Our Realme X2 video review is up

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It definitely feels like Realme has the fastest pace of phone launches in the mobile world, with a new device coming seemingly every week. So with this in mind you may have missed the existence of the X2. Not the X2 Pro, which is the brand’s first flagship offering (though still cheaper than most), but the non-Pro X2.

This handset is more unique because the space it’s competing in isn’t as crowded as the ‘flagship killer’ segment, but it does have some competitors nevertheless. If you’re interested in how it fares against those, check out our brand new video review of the Realme X2.

It covers all the basics and whether this phone may be a good fit for you, considering the price point and everything it brings to the table. You learn about the camera system, battery life and charging, the screen with the built-in fingerprint sensor, handling, build quality, as well as the software experience.

If you want to absorb even more information about the Realme X2, check out our written review which goes much more in-depth, including with our usual battery of tests.


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