OPPO’s RAM+ expansion tech coming to Reno5 series phones

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For long Windows has used the virtual memory feature to boost performance, and now OPPO is bringing the same technology to its phones. Yes, the storage memory of your phone can be used as extra RAM when required to give the device a boost in performance. The Chinese smartphone maker is bringing the RAM expansion technology to the Reno5 series phones from June 2021 in select markets. So those who own this device can expect an extended elevation in efficiency and processing beyond the physically installed RAM capacity.

Geeky users will be looking at this feature keenly as it allows for a maximum of 7GB expanded RAM with the simple click of a button. The feature will be called RAM+ and as per the OPPO press release it results in minimum frame loss rate and fragmentation – an important consideration for gamers.

The users will be able to put this new feature to use at three varied settings – thereby, giving the flexibility to adjust the required amount of virtual RAM depending on the multi-tasking with apps.

It has to be kept in mind, the extension in RAM actually comes at the cost of internal storage memory. So, if you’re running of storage space on your phone – either the feature will not work or you’ll have to live with the available RAM on the device.

Best thing about the OPPO’s new feature is the ability to turn it on when required in three different settings options. It’ll be interesting to see if other competing brands will also adopt this technology as a USP to sell their handsets.

This is not the first time such a feature has been seen on phones as we saw its debut with Vivo’s OriginOS. Eventually, the tech trickled down to Vivo’s international phone models like X60 Pro which has 8GB RAM but can be extended up to 11GB, and the higher 12GB variant getting a total of 15GB with the feature.

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