OPPO Watch out with a familiar design, Dual-Chip Endurance System

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We’ve all been waiting for this–a new Apple Watch. No, wait. It’s a new Xiaomi Mi Watch. No, we’re kidding again. This is the OPPO Watch. It’s the newest smartwatch in town that we know will sell for its design and price. Most non-Apple Watch wearables are round and so this one will be appreciated by those who prefer Wear OS. After the Find X2’s announcement, here is the special debut of the OPPO Watch since its MWC launch was canceled.

The OPPO Watch is the company’s first-ever smartwatch offering. This is one step for OPPO to finally get into the business of IoT or smart home. The OPPO Watch takes advantage of a 3D flexible hyperboloid display on the 46mm version.

Other features of the OPPO Watch include a Dual-Chip Endurance System, as well as, Watch VOOC Flash Charging. As with most smartwatches we know, this one includes several health and fitness trackers, and cellular connectivity. It also features a comprehensive heart rate and sleep monitoring apart from the different fitness tracking functions.

The fitness functions are tracked by five exercise sensors. The watch is also water-resistant up to 50 meters underwater. It can monitor sleep quality. If you want a report, it can generate data that contain duration of both deep sleep and light sleep plus awake time.

The OPPO Watch comes with VOOC Flash Charging for faster charging. Use Smart Mode so the battery can extend up to 40 hours. There is the Dual-Chip Endurance System that lets you switch between an Apollo chip and a Snapdragon chip.

Feel free to pair the OPPO Watch with a supported health app on your phone. OPPO recommends the HeyTap Health app.

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