OPPO to introduce rollable/retractable display smartphone concept

Various companies have been teasing us with the rollable phone concept for a while now. OPPO is the latest to jump on the bandwagon. At the company’s annual consumer innovations event – the INNO DAY 2020 – scheduled for 17 November in Shenzhen, China, we are expecting the Chinese OEM to showcase a new concept device with a rollable display. This will be revealed alongside other breathtaking technologies including a smartphone with 125W fast charging.

OPPO broke the probable news of the introduction of a concept phone with rollable display through a poster on Weibo. The infographic with a shot of one corner of the distinctively looking smartphone reads “Big screen? Small screen? Infinite screen? In the future, your phone may be able to retract freely.”

Even though the official poster doesn’t really explain how the phone will roll or retract. It shows the side of a phone with a curved bezel slightly higher than the screen indicating the phone body can be pulled up or sideways to roll out the screen – stretching out to a larger size or retracting back to a smaller form factor.

This image is pretty similar to a recently published patent from OPPO showing a device with vertically retractable screen. Presumably, the device with rollable display to be introduced tomorrow could be based on that patent.

This is going to be a concept phone (as informed by the company) so there is time before you can get excited about the new technology rolling out anytime soon. But given the fact that TCL has already demoed a device with rollable display and LG having patented its own version of the technology; it’s not long before phones with a display that rolls in and out are here.

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