Oppo Smart Tag with Ultra Wide Band support in the work

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OPPO Smart Tag UWB

Oh, nothing much to say here–just OPPO working on its very own tracking tag. We’re guessing this is something like Samsung’s SmartThings or Apple’s AirTag but this one offers UWB and USB-C charging. Now that may be a better choice especially since OPPO’s version no longer needs button batteries to be replaced. It is a similar Bluetooth tracking tag that will help many people find lost things. This can also possibly rival the Tile tracker as it also comes with ultra-wideband.

The Oppo Smart Tag images have surfaced on Weibo. With UWB, tracking may be more precise and accurate. We’re not sure exactly how OPPO will do the tracking or what network will be used. Tile has its own network while the Air tags take advantage of Find My network.

OPPO is slowly becoming a major player in the mobile business. If OPPO sells more phones, then it can also sell plenty of OPPO Smart Tags but success will depend on where OPPO is really popular.

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