OPPO slide-phone, music-link concept designs shown off

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OPPO may probably borrow OnePlus’ ‘Never Settle’ promo as it is becoming prolific when it comes to concept phone ideas. After the OPPO X 2021 rollable concept device was introduced and then confirmed not to be commercialized, we’re learning about a new design concept. Actually, there are two new design concepts that we don’t think will also ever make it to production. It can be exciting to know if a new unconvential phone may be in the works. The foldable phone game is owned by Samsung at the moment but we believe any competition is healthy.

OPPO has teamed up with nendo, a Japanese design studio, to introduce two design concepts. The OPPO x Nendo collaboration brings a new smartphone that slides. The slide-phone comes with a triple-hinge foldable screen system.

The Chinese tech company showed off different conceptual designs at the CIIDE –4th China International Industrial Design Expo. We don’t think the design will also go into production but we now have more ideas about the future. The possibilities seem to be endless with OPPO now.

OPPO’s partnership with Nendo is bringing industrial design to the next-level. OPPO has been exploring several ideas on its own and most of them still reach production. We remember its advancements in the camera technology, motorized rotating camera phone, a full-screen display phone, better zoom, and more.

OPPO showcased the “slide-phone” and “music-link” conceptual designs. The slide-phone works as a device to interact with the world. It comes with a triple-fold design that may change in size.

The “music-link” is another conceptual design. It’s a collection of several devices around a pair of true wireless stereo earphones.

It can be linked to a wireless charge, portable charger, AI speaker, or a smartwatch. We see a system of very sleek devices that connect wirelessly. The idea is for users to enjoy a music experience that seamlessly transitions from one device to another.

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