Oppo may be pulling out of France after June 30, internal sources claim

Last year Oppo pulled its phones from Germany due to a legal spat with Nokia. This March a report came out, claiming that Oppo (and its sibling OnePlus) will leave several key markets: France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK. Both Oppo and OnePlus refuted that report, but there may still be trouble on the horizon.

Frandroid interviewed several employees in France to find out what’s happening. One worked for Atmospheres, a contractor for Oppo that handles phone sales. According to that person, the service contract with Oppo ends on June 30.

A former Oppo sales manager said that employees were told that the new Find X and Reno series will not be released in France. The Find N2 Flip was originally going to be available in retail stores, but plans changed and the phone is available online only. Sales personnel was reportedly told to take down Oppo displays and to stop sales even before the June 30 deadline.

Oppo may be pulling out of France after June 30, several employees claim

Oppo claimed that it will remain active in France after June 30. However, it’s not clear whether its phones will remain available – in Germany Oppo delisted all phones from its local site, while things like headphones and wearables continued to be sold (those seem to be gone now too).

Also, Oppo reassures current owners that it will continue providing support and after-sales services for its phones, including receiving software updates. The Oppo France site is still selling phones.

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