OPPO launches new ColorOS 7 in China with noticeable improvements

The ColorOS may not be popular with the whole Android community but OPPO phone users very well know the UI. A new version is available with important improvements like faster user interface, lighter visuals, and a special Flashback button. New features can also be found on the ColorOS 7 including Focus Mode. Perhaps this is one of the more important upgrades in a while. The new OS version is also deemed smarter because it can switch to drive mode automatically in the car. It can also send sleep mode reminder at night.

ColorOS 7 brings several camera-centric features to OPPO phones. The camera UI, night mode, super stabilization, Soloop video editor, and portrait mode 2.0 have been improved. Cropping and long screeshot with three-fingers are now supported.

The new OS adds a special half screen feature to an OPPO device. It enables the UI to show small cards that contain information like alarm, calendar, and contacts. It also adds a special Flashback button that will be helpful when switching between apps. Just select that one-click switch between two apps or tasks.

ColorOS also delivers support for the cross-brand file transfer protocol established by OPPO, Xiaomi, and Vivo. Some OPPO models are finally getting this feature with the arrival of ColorOS 7. Overall, you can expect noticeable application fluency improvement by 30% and startup speeds by 25%. RAM utilization is more efficient by 40%. Touch response and gaming performance have also improved by 19% and 15% in ColorOS 7.

The OPPO Reno 3 will be the first to run on ColorOS. The phone has yet to be unveiled in December but the OS is also expected to roll out in the latest OPPO phones after the Reno 3’s arrival. The ColorOS 7 will also launch on November 26 formally in other markets.

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