OPPO gets into the best-selling phone list for Q3 2019

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The year 2019 is about to end. This means several lists of all the ‘Best’, ‘Most’, ‘Worst’, and ‘Top’ “whatever” will be released. We haven’t started yet but there are some companies and groups out there that have released their own lists. For the mobile industry, we can’t say what phones are the best yet but we’re looking at the top-selling phones for Q3 2019. A list has included the top brands in the world today, or at least, during the mentioned period.

The third quarter, which is usually summertime and the beginning of the second half of the year, is one of the busiest. Apple and Samsung are on top of the list. What’s surprising is the third placer. It’s not Huawei but it’s another Chinese company—OPPO. This is an impressive feat for OPPO but we can’t help but think it’s because of Huawei’s current dilemma.

Specifically, the best-selling phones in Q3 2019 are the following: iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy A10, and the Samsung Galaxy A50. Coming after these three in fourth place is the OPPO A9 which just received a follow-up, the OPPO A91. In the list, it is then followed by the Apple iPhone 11, OPPO A5s, Samsung Galaxy A2, and the OPPO A5. Other devices that followed are the Xiaomi Redmi 7A and Huawei P30.

The list appears to have Apple, Samsung, and OPPO as the top three brands followed by Xiaomi and Huawei. Huawei is still number 2 though when it comes to total market share, coming after Samsung. Huawei’s losing Google support and Google Mobile Services is probably the reason why only one phone made it to the shortlist.

Counterpoint Research shared the list that included the Huawei P30 that still runs on Google Mobile Services. Analyst Varun Mishra shared, “Huawei P30 also comes with Google Mobile Services, which makes it relevant for users outside China as well. However, going forward, in the absence of GMS, Huawei devices might slip out of the top 10 models.”

OPPO made it to the list because Huawei is in trouble. If not for Huawei’s not getting support from Google, we’re not sure if any of the OPPO phones will make it. We’ll see how OPPO fares during Q4.

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