Oppo Find X2 Pro is the company’s first phone to get the YouTube Signature Devices distinction

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The Find X2 Pro just became the first Oppo phone to be inducted into the YouTube Signature Devices hall of fame. The company calibrates the displays at the factory for superior color accuracy. Thanks to that and other features, DisplayMate rated the 6.7″ HDR-capable AMOLED panel an A+ and now YouTube has recognized Oppo’s work too.

YouTube launched the Signature Devices program in 2018 and it’s about more than just HDR (though that’s a part of it). The requirements were updated in 2019, asking that the phone supports playback of high frame rate video (above 60fps). 360° videos must also be supported.
Oppo Find X2 Pro is the company's first phone to get the YouTube Signature Devices distinction
The Oppo Find X2 Pro also needed to prove its skills in 4K video decoding and in using new high-efficiency video codecs. DRM support is vital as well, so owners can enjoy YouTube TV and movie rentals (a welcome distraction when so everyone is stuck at home).

Congrats to Oppo, though we’d love to know how come the Oppo Find X2 isn’t on the list – it’s essentially identical in terms of hardware, save for the camera and waterproofing (but YouTube doesn’t care about that).

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