OPPO details new under-screen camera, RGBW sensor, and more

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OPPO Under-screen Camera

OPPO seems to be going all out with the innovations. Like OnePlus, OPPO never settles when it comes to working on new technologies. The latest from the company are several innovative imaging technologies. These new tech could lead the future of smartphone imaging development. Some of the new innovations include a new Under-screen Camera, Continuous Optical Zoom, RGBW sensor, and a five-axis OIS technology. We can expect OPPO would use these technologies to future mobile devices. With the goal of letting phone users “capture the beauty in life with ease”, OPPO can very well be on its way to selling more smartphones and top of the mobile market.

These innovations are expected to deliver better imaging features like light-sensitivity, stabilization, and zoom capability among others. One of the more interesting technologies is the next-generation RGBW sensor. This delivers enhanced color performance and improved light sensitivity. The latter is better as it introduces more white sub-pixels(W), 4-in-1 pixel algorithm, and a DTI technology. The result is 60% more light to be gathered. Noise reduction is improved by 35% for brighter and clearer photos even under low-light environments.

OPPO has taken advantage of an advanced manufacturing and processing technology. This allows complex algorithms to be executed. The data extracted via the white pixels are also maximized.

Boosting the color performance of the sensor is OPPO’s very own 4-in-1 pixel algorithm. The new DTI pixel isolation technology is the one that enhances image quality and prevents sub-pixel crosstalk. Expect this tech to be available on OPPO phones due for release next quarter.

OPPO also came up with new algorithms that can support its new-generation under-screen camera. The combination allows a perfect balance between camera and screen quality.

The new under-screen camera solution by OPPO allows a 400-PPI high-quality display in the selfie camera area. It uses a new design and transparent wiring that result to a finer screen quality. The visual experience is promised to be smoother for the future phones users.

As described, the new under-screen camera offers pixel circuit that can drive only 1 pixel (“1-to-1”) in the display. It works with the company’s newest algorithmic compensation technology. The results are 50% better screen lifespan and only a 2% deviation. The new algorithm also allows a more precisely controlled brightness and chromaticity of the screen.

OPPO also introduced a new continuous optical zoom and a five-axis OIS technology. The new module is an 85-200mm Continuous Optical Zoom. This allows sharper images at different magnification level, a smoother transition throughout the zoom range. The photo results could match those taken using a professional camera. Meanwhile, the Five-axis OIS tech receives movement data from the gyroscope via the system processor. It’s what analyzes and breaks down into the respective components with the help of algorithms.

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