Opera is the first third-party web browser optimized for your Galaxy Chromebook

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Chrome was pretty much the only web browser choice you had for your Galaxy Chromebook. However, you now have another option. Opera has now announced that it has optimized its popular web browser for Chrome OS, offering Chromebook users an alternative to Chrome.

Opera’s web browser for Chrome OS is actually an enhanced and optimized version of the Android app. The company has added some new features and made a few changes to make it more usable on the Chrome OS. The web browser now features keyboard shortcuts, free built-in VPN, an ad blocker, and even a cryptocurrency wallet.

Opera Web Browser For Chome OS

The company has even added GDPR cookie blocking options that can eliminate annoying pop-ups and dialog boxes. Opera even features direct integration with web apps of popular instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp. There is dark mode, night mode (blue light filter), and five themes.

By scanning a QR code, you can sync Opera for Chrome OS and Opera on other platforms. You will also be able to take notes, save images, and share links between desktop and mobile versions of the web browser (called flow sharing).

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