Opera GX now complements your browsing with ambient music

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While it started out as an experimental new browser for gamers last year, Opera GX has consistently pushed out new features that set it apart from other browsers out there. Opera is doing it again with the latest update for Opera GX, which brings a setting to turn on ambient, immersive background music on while you browse.

“The dynamic background music in Opera GX is an ambient downtempo that boosts the users’ focus,” Opera said in a press release. “It intensifies whenever users are actively browsing the web, clicking on links or typing, and becomes less dramatic and calmer whenever they become less active. It is aimed to disappear into the background but to also be missed once it’s gone.”

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Background music may not be at the top of your list of necessary browser features, but it’s interesting to see Opera trying something new here. I got a chance to try out a test build of Opera GX with background music enabled, and it certainly adds a bit of etherial ambience to the browsing experience. Fortunately, if it’s not for you, it’s off by default and can be toggled at any time.

In addition to background music, the latest version of Opera GX adds Twitter integration to the sidebar. That’s alongside built-in WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Discord, Twitch, and Facebook Messenger. Once you’re logged in, you can click the Twitter icon any time to check your timeline.

The new Opera GX is available to download for free directly from Opera.

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