Only the Galaxy Note 20 base model might switch to a flat display

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A rumor from earlier this week claimed that Samsung might be ditching the edge screen design for the Galaxy Note 20, however, it wasn’t clear whether the new flat-screen design would be adopted only by the base model or by both it and the Galaxy Note 20+ / Note 20 Ultra. But according to a new bit of information shared by the same source that was behind the previous rumor, the flat screen will be reserved only for the Galaxy Note 20 base model.A true flat display similar to the Note 10 LiteThe Galaxy Note 20 base model might end up carrying a 2.5D display, if the rumor is correct. This display design has rounded edges for a more comfortable grip, but the image on the display itself remains perfectly flat as opposed to wrapping around the phone’s sides. Essentially, the Galaxy Note 20 could have a screen design similar to the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, except it will presumably have thinner bezels. Meanwhile, only the Galaxy Note 20+ / Note 20 Ultra will have what Galaxy fans call an edge display. It will look more like the Galaxy Note 10 series in this regard.Every rumor so far has painted the Galaxy Note 20+ / Note 20 Ultra as the variant to buy once it becomes available in August. However, many S Pen enthusiasts appreciate a flat display more, and if the 2.5D glass will be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 20 base model, this might make for a difficult choice between the two. The standard Note 20 with its flat screen will have the superior display design for a better S Pen experience in the eyes of many Galaxy Note fans. Then again, buyers might end up missing out on 120Hz refresh rate and LTPO backplane technology, should they choose the Galaxy Note 20 base model.Would you be willing to give up on 120Hz and LTPO in favor of a flat display for the Galaxy Note 20? Will a different display design for each Galaxy Note 20 variant make it more difficult for you to decide which S Pen flagship is a better choice? Let us know below.

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