OnePlus won’t bring these promised features to older flagships

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OnePlus has a good track record, as far as pushing out updates to its older devices. That’s one reason the brand has a huge following among tech enthusiasts. A recent report by XDA Developers however reveals that the Chinese mobile giant had promised certain performance-boosting features for the older models but now has confirmed they won’t be coming to these particular devices. These features were promised for models as old as OnePlus 3.

Editor-in-chief at XDA Developers, Mishaal Rahman had a word about the non-availability of promised features for older models even though they were promised long ago. OnPlus responded to Mishaal and the response was not as expected. The features now are confirmed to be not coming to the devices.

Caller identification

Back in January of 2019, a forum post by the company’s Global Product Operations Manager, Manu J. stated that the Caller identification feature for OnePlus 3/3T will be released with the Android Pie OTA update. That feature was not seen when the stable OS update was rolled for these phones. Now OnePlus responded that the feature will not be released as the 3 series has passed its maintenance period.

RAM Boost

When the RAM Boost feature was announced for the OnePlus 7 series, in a forum post it was said that it will be trickled down to OnePlus 5 series and 6 series too. The performance-enhancing feature apparently never can for the 5/5T phones. OnePlus said that the feature cannot be rolled to the said phones due to hardware compatibility bottleneck.

DC Dimming

OnePlus 6 series had the DC Dimming feature in the OxygenOS Open Beta 2315, released in July 2019. Strangely, the feature is not available on the stable update. Again OnePlus has responded by saying that hardware compatibility limitations have forced the non-release of DC Dimming feature for 6/6T phones.

Likewise, OnePlus has not yet released a feature for OnePlus 8 even after five months of release. The feature mentioned in a post stating “upgrade for 5G or 4G dual SIM support will be implemented via OTA update.” This enables dual SIM support for US units and now OnePlus has confirmed that they’ll push it through in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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