OnePlus’ Wellpaper app shows app usage on your wallpaper

A lot of mobile users have been a bit more intentional in regulating how often we use apps on your phone. There are different digital wellness apps both first-party and third-party from OEMs and app developers. OnePlus has now released a new app called Wellpaper which shows you your app usage using six categories represented by colors and making them a wallpaper for your device. It’s not the most efficient way to see your app usage as you can do that in straightforward apps but it is the prettiest.

The Wellpaper app simplifies your apps into six categories: social, lifestyle and communication, entertainment, gaming, information and business, and tools. They’re each represented by a color and how much or how less you use the apps that fall under these categories. You can actually see your app usage information since Android devices have the ability to track app usage at a system level. But if you want a more visual way to look at it, then this OnePlus app will help.

Since it’s a wallpaper, you don’t have to go to a specific app or menu to see how much you use your apps. Every time you look at your phone’s wallpaper, it’s there for you front and center. Well, that is, if you can memorize what app category the colors represent. OnePlus says this app will help users “visualize and better understand their day-to-day digital habits” and this dynamic live wallpaper will constantly update to tell you how you’re using your phone.

The app has three designs that you can choose from. The Composition Design is a bit data heavy as it uses shifting tiles to represent your data. The Glow design is inspired by the neon lights of pop culture things like Cyberpunk 2077 and Blade Runner. The Radial design shows the different categories blend together in a soft-toned wallpaper. So you can just change the wallpaper modes depending on your mood.

The Wellpaper app doesn’t eat up battery life like live wallpaper apps as it will only update the visual once you unlock the app. It will be on delay if you constantly lock and unlock the app. You can download it from the Google Play app even if you don’t have a OnePlus app.

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