OnePlus U Series, OnePlus Y Series TVs announced in India

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OnePlus U TV Series

Aside from Xiaomi, here’s OnePlus introducing new smart TVs. We mentioned the series would be arriving in three sizes this July. The launch finally and officially happened, just after the OnePlus Nord’s pre-order was sold out. This isn’t the first time OnePlus released a TV. Last year, it introduced a pair of QLED TVs. Those aren’t exactly affordable because the lowest-specced model costs $990. We’re not sure how many units OnePlus sold but it’s trying the market again by coming up with affordable TVs.

The OnePlus U Series and OnePlus Y Series are two new TV lines that can be availed in India. Starting with the OnePlus TV U, the series offers three variants. The biggest is a 55-inch TV with a 4K display. The 43-inch version has Full HD resolution, while the 32-inch model only comes with HD display. The TVs are powered by Android TV Pie. OnePlus also introduced its custom OxygenPlay interface.

OnePlus TV U Series 55″ 4K
OnePlus uses a Gamma Engine to optimize the colors. This recognizes different faces and scenes. The feature enables anti-aliasing for smoothening creases, motion compensation (MEMC), and motion estimation. Other specs are as follows: 3GB of RAM, 16GB onboard storage, quad-core MediaTek MT5887 with four Cortex A53 cores.

Audio is given off by 30W speakers and two tweeters with Dolby Atmos support. The OnePlus TV U1 also works with a smart remote. It comes with dedicated Prime Video and Netflix butons.

OnePlus TV Y 43″ Full HD and OnePlus TV Y 32″ HD

OnePlus TV Y Series 43″ Full HD and 32″ HD-Ready

Meanwhile, the smaller variants are more affordable. The OnePlus TV Y Series 43″ Full HD model and the 32″ HD-Ready TV both come with Gamma Engine optimizations, color accuracy, dynamic contrast, noise reduction, and anti-aliasing. Audio tech includes a 20W speaker system with Dolby Audio.

The 8GB of onboard storage and 1GB of RAM may be enough for the smart TV to run Oxygen Play and Oxygen Connect offering a ‘burdenless design’. The latter is a philosophy that extends to the software and hardware. The bezels are minimal while the speakers are non-intrusive. The parts are hidden by a panel.

When it comes to pricing, the largest model is ₹49,999 ($670). The smaller OnePlus TV Y’s cost ₹22,999 ($308) and ₹12,999 ($174). TVs are available from Amazon India beginning July 5.

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