OnePlus TV Q series, OnePlus TV 55U1 ready for OTA 5 update

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OnePlus TV OTA 5 Q series Update

New OnePlus TV models have been announced together with the OnePlus Nord. The OnePlus U Series and OnePlus Y Series units will be sold first in India. While those OnePlus TVs are expected to be promoted more aggressively by the Chinese OEM, an update is ready for the older OnePlus Q series. The most recent system update is the OTA 5 version. Even the new OnePlus TV 55U1 will benefit from this software update. Specifically, this is version BOVC101RIN04S01090V1.12.1T2006210016 for the OnePlus TVs.

This update’s changelog lists a few important things starting with the addition of OnePlus Connect support for iOS devices. OnePlus has also added Data Saver Plus which is an enhanced version of the feature introduced earlier. This one can monitor data usage through bandwidth control. It can also monitor monthly usage, as well as, enable data usage alerts.

OnePlus has added Kids Mode as an important feature. It’s a new parental control feature on mobile apps. This allows guardians to limit watch times and set eye protection function. The app’s goal is to make OnePlus TV experience as kid-friendly as possible.

Another new feature is the long press on OxygenPlay. Long-press on any poster on the homepage for OxygenPlay to view a pop-up window with information. The app also shows an enhanced UI.

As always, the OTA will be incremental. A small percentage of OnePlus TV users will get the update. More consumers will receive the same in the coming days. We’re expecting this software update will also be available for the OnePlus Y Series.

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